Oct 3rd 2020, 1 Wimpole Street – Marcus Beck Library, Royal Society of Medicine, London W1G OAE, UK

One Day Diode Lasers
in Dentistry Course

One Day Conference

Laser therapy can be a very useful tool to use as an adjunct to the management of pain, inflammation and infection.

This type of treatment is referred to as photobiomodulation and given a little training it is a fairly short learning curve to add an indispensable daily aid to patient care in any clinical practice.

A diode laser is an effective analgesic, a powerful anti-inflammatory and it can be used to improve the quality of tissue repair and regeneration.

Furthermore, it can be used to kill pathogens and, of course, it can also be used for surgery.

Course Content

Photobiomodulation therapy: accelerated healing, reduce pain and swelling, treat aphthous and herpetic ulceration, lichen planus, management of TMD, earlier and enhanced osseous-integration with implants, accelerated orthodontic tooth movement & the management of trauma including nerve damage.

Soft tissue surgery: gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, frenectomy and frenotomy, vestibuloplasty, operculectomy, troughing, depigmentation, arrest of haemorrhage

Periodontal management: bacterial reduction and periodontal therapy for early to moderate chronic adult periodontitis

Endodontics: bacterial reduction, activation of irrigants, decontamination of sinus tracts

Desensitization, prevention of caries & management protocols

……and more! Optimum settings for initiation, how to check and calibrate your laser etc.

Course Schedule



Overview and Introduction.

  • Mark Cronshaw & Steven Parker
  • Objectives and philosophy of care


Laser principles. Safety aspects and CQC regulation. Fibre initiation.

  • Steven Parker
  • Overview of diode laser wavelength interaction with oral tissue

09:30- 10:15



PBM essentials

  • Steven Parker


Delivering the dose

  • Mark Cronshaw


Practical PBM

  • Mark Cronshaw & Steven Parker




Diode laser use in the pocket

  • Steven Parker


Soft tissue management and oral medicine

  • Mark Cronshaw




Diode laser in the canal

  • Mark Cronshaw


Practical- surgical techniques

  • Mark Cronshaw & Steven Parker




CE credits: 7 hours verifiable CE credits

Course Leader

Dr. Mark Cronshaw

Co-Founder and Director

Dr Mark Cronshaw is highly active in current research and development in the area of photobiomodulation therapy.

He has recently published a number of evidence based scientific papers on this subject.

Mark has a particular interest in the clinical aspects of treatment delivery of PBM as well as in pain therapies.

Success Stories


Thank you so much for the wonderful programme. The lectures, hands-on and lunches were excellent.

Trust we can engage more on the role of dental lasers in pediatric dental care.

Great attention to detail. Mark is very clear and enthusiastic. Well balanced science, case presentation and practical. Great to encounter a real world dentist with a practical approach.

Variety of the treatment can be done by laser and coverage of different aspects. Thank you for the great course, lovely food and hospitality.”

Very informative changed my opinion about dentistry

Very good course, friendly and welcoming staff, I enjoyed the live cases

Very good, informative and applicable

Fantastic exactly what I needed

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