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Learn from World leading and highly experienced clinicians and educators. All of our courses are accredited for continuing education credits and are compliant with the UK GDC CPD programme.


Aimed at general and specialist dentists and hygiene therapists, our courses have topics that are aimed to your specific requirements. You can book a customised private run course or attend one of our academy held courses. On completion of the course, Mark and Steven are always willing to help and happy to answer any queries.

Understanding lasers and the benefits they bring to you and your everyday practice will ease your work flow by making the sometime difficult procedures such as surgical extractions etc simpler often less invasive and time consuming.

The amazing healing benefits of lasers will cut down on post-operative.


DeLTA Courses

Evidence-based subject matter developed for inclusion in our courses,
draws upon the adjunctive application of laser photonic energy.


Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT):

Lasers have the capacity to change tissue and cellular physiology promoting good quality healing and repair. Specifically, lasers can have highly useful anti-inflammatory and analgesic applications. This offers very many clinical uses in daily and specialist practice as it provides a tool to optimise the outcome whilst minimising the patients post operative discomfort. PBMT is a science and evidence based treatment modality and offers an indispensable aid to assist in the management and resolution of many clinical situations.


Laser assisted Endodontics

The internal anatomy of a root canal is highly complex and tooth pulp death, bacteria are able to gain access to the many lateral canals as well as the dentinal tubules. In consequence total disinfection via conventional tools has been shown through research to be impossible. Lasers have the capacity to distribute irrigant solutions to areas which are normally beyond access, and offer the possibility of true disinfection at depth within the dentinal and especially apical tissues. In addition: laser assisted endodontic surgery minimises surgical trauma and optimises good quality post operative healing with the minimum of patient discomfort.



In periodontal disease, the formation of a biofilm is a significant obstacle to establishing gum health. The biofilm has the capacity to reform rapidly after conventional disruption and it is difficult to eradicate in many patients. Lasers can be used to perform selective micro surgery to remove the diseased layers of tissues. In addition: lasers are able to selectively promote the resolution of inflammation and promote healing. For the management of many periodontal clinical situations the adjunctive use of lasers has proven of great benefit to patient care: repair, excellent stable results and even some regeneration of tissues.



Regrettably peri-implantitis is posing an increasing problem in clinical practice. Once established the biofilm is impossible to eradicate from an infected surface without removing the implant threads. Lasers are able to safely remove the biofilm and restore the implant surface to one which is biocompatible to bone regeneration. When used as a surgical tool lasers optimise the biological capacity of the tissues to repair and are a highly useful tool in minimising surgical trauma whilst stimulating excellent healing and repair.


Aesthetic Dentistry

To achieve excellent aesthetic results the ability to manage alveolar crestal bone and soft tissues is essential. One of the major benefits of oral laser use is the ability to manage hard and soft tissues in a minimally invasive and atraumatic process. This increases revenue as patient trauma is greatly reduced in comparison to the routine use of flap surgery or gingival soft tissue surgery by means of a scalpel or an electrosurgery unit.



Erbium lasers are superb tools for surgery as they can safely cut hard and soft tissues with excellent haemostasis and the minimum of tissue damage. In addition: lasers improve the biological capacity of the tissues to heal, repair and regenerate . Post operative healing is superb and the patient experience is unparalleled as there is very little post operative pain and swelling in comparison to the normal surgical approach.


Laser Safety

To use a laser it is a requirement to understand and apply the appropriate safety measures to protect the clinician, the clinical team and the patient. Our training offers the tools necessary to gain an International level of proof of laser safety compliance. On completion you will obtain certification to the standard of Laser Safety Officer which is an excellent benchmark of proof of training and guides the user to achieve regulatory compliance.


Laser Training Courses

These courses have been developed during the past 4 years, to allow an
introduction to lasers and to explore the wide range of clinical applications.

Offered throughout the year and approximately bi-monthly, there are two choices of

Courses have been hosted on the Isle of Wight, at Mark’s private Practice as well as at function and meeting locations.

The Isle of Wight is a wonderful location to visit and even bring the family to as it is a popular and historic holiday destination for the family.

In addition, courses have been held at the Royal Society of Medicine, London and DeLTA has co-hosted courses with affiliated societies at International locations. DeLTA is committed to providing private courses as well as through its on-line resource.


Safe, efficient and proficient applications of laser technology in restorative, periodontal, surgical, endodontic and oral medical use. Also use of lasers for phototherapy as an adjunct to tissue healing and regeneration as well as pain and inflammation management.

Learning Content

DeLTA lectures and courses are intended to provide a complete introductory grounding in safe and proficient use of oral lasers in daily practice.

Development Outcomes

On-line lectures and hosted events and courses provide CE credits for delegates. All DeLTA events meet the criteria for the GDC’s development outcomes A,C and D.

Success Stories

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Thank you so much for the wonderful programme. The lectures, hands-on and lunches were excellent.

Trust we can engage more on the role of dental lasers in pediatric dental care.

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Great attention to detail. Mark is very clear and enthusiastic. Well balanced science, case presentation and practical. Great to encounter a real world dentist with a practical approach.

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Variety of the treatment can be done by laser and coverage of different aspects. Thank you for the great course, lovely food and hospitality.”

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Very informative changed my opinion about dentistry

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Very good course, friendly and welcoming staff, I enjoyed the live cases

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Very good, informative and applicable

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Fantastic exactly what I needed

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