Laser Safety Course Online

Laser Safety Course Online

This course shall be a minimum of 5 hours.

It shall fulfil an awareness and compliance with laser safety that is commensurate with a “best practice” approach to the safe use of lasers in dental practice.

A MCQ test is available to be taken;  successful completion shall be acknowledged through certification and accreditation consistent with that of Laser Safety Supervisor / Officer..

Verifiable CE credits: 7.0 credits. This course fulfils the requirements as defined by the UK General Dental Council PDP under A, C, D.

Although exact content may differ slightly, the following syllabus is considered to be the minimum content that may be covered:

  • Basic principles of laser generation and review of laser technology
  • Emission characteristics of different types of equipment
  • Laser‐tissue interaction mechanisms.
  • Penetration of light of different wavelengths through skin
    and eye
  • Laser hazard classification.
  • Meaning of associated warning labels
  • The concept of Maximum Permissible Exposure and Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance.
  • Personal protection measures including eye protection
  • Hazards to eye and skin from accidental exposure
  • Hazards to the patient, e.g. endotracheal tube ignition
  • Incidental hazards, including electrical, fire explosion and plume emission
  • How to deal with an adverse event or accidental exposure
  • Laser safety management including Laser Protection Adviser, Laser Protection Supervisor
    (LSO), Local Rules and Controlled Area.
  • Relevant legislation, standards and guidelines.

Course Outcomes

The successful completion of the course shall be acknowledged by:

  • Certification.
  • Copy of the 2015 MHRA publication “Guidance on the Safe Use of Lasers, Intense Light
    Source Systems and LEDs in Medical, Surgical, Dental and Aesthetic Practices”.
  • Course manual “Laser Safety in Dental Practice”, based the 2017 Springer publication “Lasers
    in Dentistry – Current Concepts” (Eds: D. Coluzzi, S. Parker) Ch. 5: Laser Safety.


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Course Schedule

Course Leader


Dr. Steven Parker

Co-Founder and Director

Dr Steven Parker has been involved with lasers in dentistry for 30 years. He
has received publication in over 70 peer-reviewed papers on the use of lasers
in dentistry.

He is the dental consultant in the 2015 MHRA publication “Guidance on the
Safe Use of Lasers, Intense Light Source Systems and LEDs in Medical,
Surgical, Dental and Aesthetic Practices”.

He serves as associate editor of the Journal of Lasers in Medical Science.
From 2010 – 2020 he was International Coordinator and Lead Faculty of the
Academic Master Degree (MSc) degree (Livello II) programme in laser
dentistry at the University of Genoa, Italy.

He served as President of the Academy of Laser Dentistry in 2005-6.

Steven is currently studying for a PhD in laser-tissue interaction at De
Montfort University, Leicester.

Success Stories

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Thank you so much for the wonderful programme. The lectures, hands-on and lunches were excellent.

Trust we can engage more on the role of dental lasers in pediatric dental care.

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Great attention to detail. Mark is very clear and enthusiastic. Well balanced science, case presentation and practical. Great to encounter a real world dentist with a practical approach.

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Variety of the treatment can be done by laser and coverage of different aspects. Thank you for the great course, lovely food and hospitality.”

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Very informative changed my opinion about dentistry

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Very good course, friendly and welcoming staff, I enjoyed the live cases

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Very good, informative and applicable

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Fantastic exactly what I needed

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